Friday, October 15, 2010

SteamPunk Forever!

I discovered Steampunk culture over a year ago while researching corsets and burlesque costumes and started dreaming of creating my own designs. It was exciting to realize that there was a name for this aesthetic that has been whispering to my heart for most of my life. Among my favorite movies are La cité des enfants perdus,  or The City of Lost Children, (the costumes were designed by Jean Paul Gaultier), The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Kiki's Delivery Service,  and The Golden Compass.  A year later and I'm still smitten with the dark, rich colors, the odes to days long past and the sense of excitement that recreating everyday objects into art brings. I love the Victorian look, dirigibles, rust, industrial design, corsets and petticoats, gears, goggles, and everything that steampunk represents. Back when I first started researching it, there were only three websites/mentions of the genre on Google. Now I find it wherever I look. I was ecstatic to see so many Steampunk costumes at ComicCon 2010 in San Diego this year. My husband was probably tired of hearing me say, "OMG, Steampunk!  Can I take your picture?"  To celebrate Steampunk, I'm going to regularly post images of creative, inspiring and modded objects and styles that evoke the historical fantasy and imagination of this movement.

I love this Steampunk Treehouse that was installed at Coachella 2008. I can imagine climbing into it, reading a book and being transported to imaginary worlds far from the stress and hustle of our world.  

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