Friday, October 8, 2010

Starting a business is hard work!

As a wannabe smartypants with a degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University, I thought that choosing the name of my business would be the easiest part of being an Entrepreneur. Turns out I was so wrong!  I was elated to find that Calliope Studio is available for me to use as the name of my LLC in the state of California. I was dismayed to find out that someone already owns but isn't even using it. Back to the drawing board!

So now I have to start the process of finding domain names that are simple to remember, easy to spell and offer a smidgen of info about what I'm all about.  Calliope Workshop?  Kinda 70's. Calliope Vintage?  People might think I don't offer products with a modern design. Calliope Atelier?  I think it's perfect, but couldn't have spelled it if I hadn't seen it written down first.  So, step one, find a resource to give me some direction...aha, how about  The Craft Business Guide?

I'll keep on thinking and hope I figure this name thing out soon!

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  1. YES! starting a business is definitely hard work but so worth it! great to work for yourself. good luck with choosing a name!